Bluegum Software

Welcome to the website of Bluegum Software Pty Ltd. Bluegum is a family owned company. It has been trading since 1984.

We specialise in computer infrastructure but also maintain an active interest in coding (programming). Bluegum has produced a number of products in the past including "WinRent" and BPOS.


Whitegoods Rental Management software Now 27 years old and has moved through 5 generations of software. Still in commercial use - Now Open Source and totally Free. 


Bluegum Point of Sale A complete retail management system. Point of Sale, back office, ordering, receiving, invoicing, customer manageement and much, more - Now Open Source and totally free.


Asset Management System A basic asset management system. Assets, locations, costs, history, stocktake and depreciation - Now Open Source and totally free.

House Sale

Our home is actually for sale - we aren’t in a hurry to move but if someone was interested, here are the details.

The Blog

I write an occasional article here.. Normally when something gets up my goat.

Car Changeover Cost

Car fuel consumption I wrote this page to play with PHP. Gives you the payback period if you get a new car just for reduced fuel consumption. We can’t use the term "Mileage" in Australia as we don’t use miles.


Tony’s Resume Just so I can remember what I’ve done in the past.


Plastic Airplanes Had a lot of fun with these over the years. Some of my designs