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4WDs – time to stick the boot in – The “FAT ARSE” campaign begins

I was driving in the rain the other day being overtaken by 4WDs. Apparently someone has told them that 4WDs are “safer” in the rain so they actually speed up. Forget about compromised tires, higher centre of gravity, higher weight with consequent poorer braking. Let’s not forget the suspension compromises. But someone told them they are “safer” in the rain. Forget that they are “less safe” in the dry!

I’m now starting a campaign to make 4WDs less attractive. If we do that, then maybe a few more potential owners will think about their choices and attitudes.

Ever notice that most 4WDs have a “huge, fat rear end”? Right! from now on all 4WDs will be called “Fat Arse …….” so from now on, Landcruisers are “Fat Arse Toyotas”! The Porsche Cayenne (surely one of the ugliest cars on the road) is now a “Fat Arse Porsche” – think about it – its so right. Its acceptable to distinguish a model as a “Fat Arse Prado” or a “Fat Arse Landcruiser”. Some examples –

  • Nissan Patrol = “Fat Arse Nissan”
  • Range Rover = “Fat Arse Rangie” (or whatever).
  • Audi Q5 = “Fat Arse Audi”

I figure that if enough people ask “are you driving that Fat Arse Toyota” then a few people may resent that and realise their cars really have a “Fat Arse”!

Let the heckling begin – you heard it here first.


Chucking stuff out 2

My wife reported our little Sunbeam coffee maker was no longer working. It wasn’t pumping water etc. Here we go again I thought. Another unrepairable appliance!

We have had this Sunbeam for about 5 years and it made OK coffee, as long as you gave it plenty of time to heat up. There was also a lingering problem with puddles of water under it but I always assumed (that word again) that the problem was related to the removable plastic water tank on the back.

Totally ignoring the warnings “no user serviceable components inside” I pulled the back off and immediately noticed rust on several components –

Now that wasn’t cool. Rust doesn’t happen the moment something gets wet and this looked long term. I could understand rust on lower components getting there from a leaking valve but the bracket holding the pump (blue component on right) was rusty. Could see anything spectacularly wrong so I plugged it in and watched. Once I started the coffee cycle, the problem was obvious almost straight away. The union on the hose above the pump sprayed water over most of the innards of the machine. Why it hadn’t tripped a earth leakage breaker was unknown.

That accounted for the leaks and the rust. Once the coffee cycle starts the pump starts a rhythmic thumping and this had loosened the union.

20 seconds with a spanner, 2 minutes to put the back on and its as good as new. Made my day as for once, I didn’t have to “Chuck it out” Yay!

Chucking stuff out

I’m getting depressed about this. Lately we’ve had a spate of electronic failures. Most of it is not repairable and even though its (comparatively) cheap – especially compared to 10 years ago – I’m getting jack of just “chucking stuff out”.

The recent casualty list is accentuated by a freak lightning hit but I just can’t fix this stuff and the cost of professional repair is more that buying new stuff.

The DEE (Dead electronic equipment) list includes

Panasonic SA-DT100 home theatre system. Its almost 10 years old but it now says “F61” when it starts and this means the audio amplifier board is toasted. Problem here is I now have 6 speakers (inc subwoofer) which are now virtually useless.

Netgear EV100 – the NIC is dead and won’t go online. I could use it for USB playback but I bought it for TWIT and YouTube.

CABAC ADSL router – all NIC ports now dead. + El Cheapo 8 port 10/100 only has 2 working ports.

I just hate just throwing this shit out. I can’t reclaim any of it, even recycling is tough. About the best I can do is keep the power transformer (for copper) and cases from the Panasonic for the steel. The rest just chucked in the garbage.

I’m getting a real feeling that someday, we as humans, are going to pay for this, one way or another.

Really – how stupid do they think we are?

Latest in advertising. A battery powered dispenser for “anti-bacterial” hand wash. The kicker? “germs can live on the top of an ‘ordinary’ dispenser”…… For SHIT Sake – your skin has a million more ‘germs’ than the top of dispenser bottle. On top of that, you are dispensing anti-bacterial hand cream which should KILL everything in site.

Are people really so insecure about the normal stuff that has inhabited our world for the last 3 BILLION years?

When is this sort of mindless CRAP going to end?

CD Covers aka “Jewel Cases”

This is a LONGGGG term “this really shits me” post.

How many stupid, mongrel, busted CD covers do you have?

One of my biggest wishes is to meet the stupid prats that designed that one. Probably Phillips – Sony had their design shit together in the 1980. Were probably in the ’80s where Apple is today.

What total crap! Scratches easily, the stupid lugs on the cover break and the thing is then stuffed.

Can you remember the first time (ever) you tried to open one (25 years ago for me)? It was “intuitively obvious” – NOT!

How many times have you busted one just opening them, or dropped it (an busted it) just because it was (and still is) one of the worst cases (sic) of industrial design in the 20th Century.

Bottom line….

Complete, total, EPIC Fail!

What shits me – or stuff that people should be able to organise but can’t

Swimming pool fittings. Yes its trivial but why can’t manufacturers agree that a 38mm hose should have a 38mm internal diameter and then all the other things such as vacuum, pool cleaner as well as the fittings in the pool basket all fit.

It shits me that I need “adapter rings” to get all this together.

Swimming Pool equipment manufacturers – Get your shit together

I’m sick of needing to buy equipment from one manufacturer only just because

1. You think you are the only one who can make this stuff so therefore yours is best
2. You want me locked into your stuff

3. You can’t get your shit together.