Long time since I have contacted Microsoft support

Office 2007, well more specifically Outlook 2007 crashed this week. Kept coming up with “Outlook 2007 could not open a window”. Hmm… Usual stuff followed. Attempt a repair, uninstall and then an install in that order. All failed with the same

Error 2203. An Internal error has occurred. (C:\Windows\Installer\.ipi -2147287035 )

I didn’t really want to do the crash and burn (delete everything in the file system and registry) napalm technique so I thought I’d ring MS PSS. Surprisingly it was pretty simple and painless – Kudos to MS Support. The VOIP connection as usual was scratchy but I only waited for 5 minutes.

The fix?

go to a command prompt, navigate to the Office12 folder and execute

outlook /resetnavpane

– The pss dude reckons that this was in some internal DB as I’d searched for it before hand. Anyway it was a good experience and I though I publish as people are quick to complain and slow to praise.

CD Covers aka “Jewel Cases”

This is a LONGGGG term “this really shits me” post.

How many stupid, mongrel, busted CD covers do you have?

One of my biggest wishes is to meet the stupid prats that designed that one. Probably Phillips – Sony had their design shit together in the 1980. Were probably in the ’80s where Apple is today.

What total crap! Scratches easily, the stupid lugs on the cover break and the thing is then stuffed.

Can you remember the first time (ever) you tried to open one (25 years ago for me)? It was “intuitively obvious” – NOT!

How many times have you busted one just opening them, or dropped it (an busted it) just because it was (and still is) one of the worst cases (sic) of industrial design in the 20th Century.

Bottom line….

Complete, total, EPIC Fail!