Spot the difference

More of the same here. Just spent $80 on a new detergent dispenser for our Dishlex DX 302 dishwasher. Spot the difference in these 2 parts, apart from the fact they are different colours.

Hard to spot but the tiny little catch on the light grey one is broken. Why us this an issue? The door won’t latch close, so unless you hang around waiting for the pre-rinse cycle to complete, most of the detergent disappears in the a fore mentioned rinse.

Now my real gripe is that the cover door is removable but NO, you can’t buy the door, you have to buy the complete detergent dispenser assembly – complete with 2 solenoids.

Surely, considering the door is removable we could just buy the door and not the rest of the assembly. If anyone needs a new detergent dispanser (sans a door). Just drop me a line.