Congratulations CERN!

Epic, magic, creative, wonderous – There probably aren’t enough adjectives to describe what has been going on in the world of high energy particle physics.

I watched, with wonder, the CERN webcast on the 4.9/5.0 ? results on the discovery of a new boson at 125 Gev. It’s the Higgs of course! Watching those hundreds of dedicated physicists, engineers, technical and support staff being riveted to the presenters and the data being shown was amazing. Peter Higgs losing it with the emotion of the announcement was just icing on the cake. This is up there with Chadwick discovering the neutron and Rutherford finding the proton.

From a small, insignificant watcher of the amazing world of science – Congratulations! and congratulations to the thousands of physicists who have laboured tirelessly over their blackboards and apparatus over the last 100 years.

Thank you CERN for letting us all watch this incredible journey unfold in real time. It’s almost like being at the Cavendish is 1931!

Tony’s rules of data

I’ve been copying some large data sets around lately and have formulated 2 rules of data

1. Data will ALWAYS expand to fill any available storage
2. Moore’s Law is irrelevant as data is ALWAYS conspiring to bring the apparent speed of a system back to that of a 386.

There you have it – 30 years in the IT industry condensed into 2 statements