About 18 months ago, worried about privacy concerns I exited Facebook. I was never a very prolific poster, again I used to think “this will be here forever” so I also worried that I was a but of a “lurker” and not participating in the “spirit of the game”.

Well, I was walking down the stairs the other day and I finally determined why I don’t want to Facebook any more.

Its a personal thing, so you can ignore this post, but the whole idea of knowing everyone’s minute by minute status, regardless of the fact that these updates are (in general) provided by the owner, in some way feels almost voyeuristic or just a touch sleazy. The feeling is exacerbated by not being an active poster too. Cue Peter Sellars in”The Party” ……. “I like to watch”

I also don’t need the “noise” that comes from this. The signal to noise ratio on Facebook is particularily low.

Perhaps journalling your life in a blog is the same but I feel there is slightly more control here.

Tight Arse JBOD

A mate of mine is working on a DIY Hadoop cluster, for learning. Rather that souce “X” servers to build a cluster, and the fact its a learning device, he has cobbled up a couple of G5 DL380’s and for disk, built a “TAJBOD”

Here are his comments (Name supressed!)

Thought you may appreciate the low tech engineering approach here for a tight @arse jbod array: standard sata drives housed on a made from scrap jbod shelf ( 10 minutes of careful routing to make the slots in the chipboard ) and sata extension cables to join the dots. Power for the drives is directly from the server and the RAID is setup by the internal P400 controller, as far as the server is concerned these are just ‘internal’ disks. Best of all it just works!

Shelf detail