Altiris Error 1326

One of those beautifully informative error codes. I must be getting slow, this one took an hour to figure out….

I have changed all the jobs on a customers site to use a UNC for the sofitware source. The customer has a disaster recovery site with full functionality so it was logical to replicate all the software source there (and keep it in sync with DFS-R). This source is also a share on the Altiris DS deployment share.

Right – time to create a new package. I’m probably a bit old fashioned but I copy the source files from the share to the target and then execute an install. Like most admins, my workstation is the usual “guinea pig” for most jobs but I kept getting “Error 1326”. About an hour later, after trawling the net – here was the answer.

I use a special account to execute the install job but I already had a connection to the deployment server. Once the job began, the special account tried to connect and failed, with Error 1326. You can’t have 2 different accounts connecting to the same target from the one workstation. Basic you say… basic enough to get me!

As soon as I took the blinkers of and executed somewhere else then BINGO! job executes.

One thought on “Altiris Error 1326”

  1. I get this all the time. Quite often I’ll connect to remote machines using the local Administrator account, and they try to access them using a Domain Account. Takes a little while to figure it out, but I find the easiest way to fix it is “NET USE * /D” and then try to authenticate again.

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