4WDs – time to stick the boot in – The “FAT ARSE” campaign begins

I was driving in the rain the other day being overtaken by 4WDs. Apparently someone has told them that 4WDs are “safer” in the rain so they actually speed up. Forget about compromised tires, higher centre of gravity, higher weight with consequent poorer braking. Let’s not forget the suspension compromises. But someone told them they are “safer” in the rain. Forget that they are “less safe” in the dry!

I’m now starting a campaign to make 4WDs less attractive. If we do that, then maybe a few more potential owners will think about their choices and attitudes.

Ever notice that most 4WDs have a “huge, fat rear end”? Right! from now on all 4WDs will be called “Fat Arse …….” so from now on, Landcruisers are “Fat Arse Toyotas”! The Porsche Cayenne (surely one of the ugliest cars on the road) is now a “Fat Arse Porsche” – think about it – its so right. Its acceptable to distinguish a model as a “Fat Arse Prado” or a “Fat Arse Landcruiser”. Some examples –

  • Nissan Patrol = “Fat Arse Nissan”
  • Range Rover = “Fat Arse Rangie” (or whatever).
  • Audi Q5 = “Fat Arse Audi”

I figure that if enough people ask “are you driving that Fat Arse Toyota” then a few people may resent that and realise their cars really have a “Fat Arse”!

Let the heckling begin – you heard it here first.


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