Long time since I have contacted Microsoft support

Office 2007, well more specifically Outlook 2007 crashed this week. Kept coming up with “Outlook 2007 could not open a window”. Hmm… Usual stuff followed. Attempt a repair, uninstall and then an install in that order. All failed with the same

Error 2203. An Internal error has occurred. (C:\Windows\Installer\.ipi -2147287035 )

I didn’t really want to do the crash and burn (delete everything in the file system and registry) napalm technique so I thought I’d ring MS PSS. Surprisingly it was pretty simple and painless – Kudos to MS Support. The VOIP connection as usual was scratchy but I only waited for 5 minutes.

The fix?

go to a command prompt, navigate to the Office12 folder and execute

outlook /resetnavpane

– The pss dude reckons that this was in some internal DB as I’d searched for it before hand. Anyway it was a good experience and I though I publish as people are quick to complain and slow to praise.

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