Chucking stuff out

I’m getting depressed about this. Lately we’ve had a spate of electronic failures. Most of it is not repairable and even though its (comparatively) cheap – especially compared to 10 years ago – I’m getting jack of just “chucking stuff out”.

The recent┬ácasualty┬álist is accentuated by a freak lightning hit but I just can’t fix this stuff and the cost of professional repair is more that buying new stuff.

The DEE (Dead electronic equipment) list includes

Panasonic SA-DT100 home theatre system. Its almost 10 years old but it now says “F61” when it starts and this means the audio amplifier board is toasted. Problem here is I now have 6 speakers (inc subwoofer) which are now virtually useless.

Netgear EV100 – the NIC is dead and won’t go online. I could use it for USB playback but I bought it for TWIT and YouTube.

CABAC ADSL router – all NIC ports now dead. + El Cheapo 8 port 10/100 only has 2 working ports.

I just hate just throwing this shit out. I can’t reclaim any of it, even recycling is tough. About the best I can do is keep the power transformer (for copper) and cases from the Panasonic for the steel. The rest just chucked in the garbage.

I’m getting a real feeling that someday, we as humans, are going to pay for this, one way or another.

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