Chucking stuff out 2

My wife reported our little Sunbeam coffee maker was no longer working. It wasn’t pumping water etc. Here we go again I thought. Another unrepairable appliance!

We have had this Sunbeam for about 5 years and it made OK coffee, as long as you gave it plenty of time to heat up. There was also a lingering problem with puddles of water under it but I always assumed (that word again) that the problem was related to the removable plastic water tank on the back.

Totally ignoring the warnings “no user serviceable components inside” I pulled the back off and immediately noticed rust on several components –

Now that wasn’t cool. Rust doesn’t happen the moment something gets wet and this looked long term. I could understand rust on lower components getting there from a leaking valve but the bracket holding the pump (blue component on right) was rusty. Could see anything spectacularly wrong so I plugged it in and watched. Once I started the coffee cycle, the problem was obvious almost straight away. The union on the hose above the pump sprayed water over most of the innards of the machine. Why it hadn’t tripped a earth leakage breaker was unknown.

That accounted for the leaks and the rust. Once the coffee cycle starts the pump starts a rhythmic thumping and this had loosened the union.

20 seconds with a spanner, 2 minutes to put the back on and its as good as new. Made my day as for once, I didn’t have to “Chuck it out” Yay!

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  1. I have the same coffee maker on my desk at work, but it had been a display item in a kitchen display for several years before I grabbed it and put it to use.
    However, my machine wouldn’t pump water. It got hot, as felt by touching it – but no water would flow.
    After removing the back panel, I disconnected the hose from the pump that comes from the reservoir, and I connected a plastic tube of similar dimensions, filled it with a bit of water and used my mouth to push the water in to the pump.

    As soon as the pump grabbed the water, it spun freely and from then on the machine hasn’t skipped a beat!

    It does get the same water pooling issue you mentioned beneath the machine though. Doesn’t seem to be much I can do about that one.

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