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Options in the Utility/Details/<Alt-F6> screens.




Special Orders


Number of dockets printed in Special/Add

Delete Advice

Number of Deletion advices printed

Advice Notes

When special orders are received, BPOS will print an advice note. How many do you want


Type 2 is a compressed note



Number of layby dockets printed

Payment receipts

Number of receipts printed one a payment is made

Days to Complete

How long you permit as customer to run a layby

Layby tot in Cash

Should the total value of a new layby appear in the Cash Book report



How many invoice copies to print on a new invoice. Note: you can always reprint invoices later

Credit Notes

How many credit notes to print. Again - you can always reprint Credit Notes

Quantity Default

Speeds up Invoicing - if you always invoice 1 item per line item then set this to 1

Automatic Backord

If there is insufficient stock to fulfil an invoice, should the system automatically create a backorder

Item Entry

Default Min Stock

During the entry of a new item, should BPOS set the minimum stock and what value. We would advise a value of 1 as a minimum.

Items are Firm Sale

Sets the Firm Sale flag

Beep On

Should the system "beep" during errors in data entry.


Sales Period Length

BPOS offers a default sales period analysis period of "Monthly" for many retailers this is too long (or too short). This option allows you to specific an additional analysis period (in days). Putting "7" in this value will force BPOS to perform an additional sales period of 7 days. It will keep the last 12 period sales for any item based on this value. If you set it 7 you will get 84 days of week to week analysis. The values will "roll over" automatically. As the current sales approach the end of period, the last values will be cleared.

Balance BF Debtors

How do you want your debtor accounts set up "Balance Brought Forward" (Y) or "Open Item" (N). talk to your accountant about this.

Balance BF Creditors

Same as debtors

Auto Post Creditors

Will automatically post the "Goods Received" totals to the Creditors ledger. Requires that the GRN (Goods Received Notes) balance. Probably "N" until you get good at receiving


Pruchase Orders

How many PO's to print. Note: you can always re-print any PO

Credit Claims

If you return goods, how many Credit Claims to print. Again, reprint is possible. Why would you need 2? One for your files and one to go on the goods to be returned.

Compulsory Files


These flags control whether you require the fields to be validated i.e. If you answer "Y' to the "Status" field, BPOS will require both the Status field is used and the code used is valid. We would recommend you start this at "Y' for all fields and as you understand BPOS better, modify the values to suit.


POS Discounts

Default discount values in the Sales modules. Note: BPOS always offers a "roll your own" discount in addition to the default values

Round Down Cents

A bit anachronistic. When 1 & 2c pieces were discontinued in Australia, this option pemittted cash sales to be "rounded down" i.e. a $6.97 sale would round down to $6.95 not up to $7.00. Your choice.

Matrix Discounts

Permits a Matrix of discounts to be applied to customers. Normally used in a wholesale environment

Picking Slips

During Invoicing, you can print stock picking slips. Again a wholesaler function.

Allow Dept Ordering

Allow the Draft Purchase system to function by department (as opposed to Supplier - the default). Probably more suited to a very large store where individual buyers purchase for a department.

Page 2 Items

Special Order Comments

Bottom of the special order dockets. Could be "All items are firm sale"

Def PO Comment

On the Purchase Order - Example Do Not Backorder un-supplied stock


Docket Head Ln 1

First line of the sales docket. Will always print double height


Docket Head Ln 2

Optional 2nd line of the header. Note: if this is 40 characters or less, it will print in double height characters


Docket Footer

Optional last line of the docket e.g. "Join our loyalty club"

GST Rate

What is says - the GST is calculated dynamically for each item. You probably don't want to change this very often.

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