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Backup - Backing up is an essential maintenance function. You are about to put many hours into creating a database which represents the state of your business. Backing BPOS up is simple and should be done at least daily. A daily backup means that a total system failure can be recovered up to the date and time of the last backup. The backup method described here is adequate for most small to mid-size businesses however if you also have an enterprise backup solution, feel free to use that as well.

Backing it Up - This is almost too easy.

  1. Get yourself a USB drive. An 8GB will be able to store many backups.
  2. Get all the workstations back to the BPOS main menu or out of the program completely if you prefer.
  3. On the master computer, copy the BPOS folder in its entirety to the USB key. If you get any "file in use" errors, there is a workstation still in BPOS.
  4. Rename the BPOS folder created on the USB drive (do not rename the master computer folder) to something that reflects the date of the backup i.e. 2016-01-30 would be a good name for a backup created on the 30/01/2016.
  5. That's it - you are protected.

Tip: If you feel the need to save a little space on the USB, delete the CDX files. These are the index files and can be rebuilt at any time using Utility/Pack/ReIndex

We recommend that the USB key is stored on your key ring or in your purse so it goes "off site" at night. A USB backup is useless if the key is stolen or some other disaster befalls your business.

There is a Backup system in Utility/Backup but it is harder to use than the above procedure.

Restoring the data - you have diligently backed up your data and now need to recover from a system failure (i.e. your master computer has died and is now back again). Simply copy the contents of your last backup from the USB device into the BPOS folder. Overwrite all files in the folder if any exist. You may need to go into Utility/Pack/Pack and pack all the files but this is low probability.

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