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The screen that you will see the most. The BPOS Sales function is designed to be both quick and versatile. It is primarily driven by the enter key. Over time you will also find it easler to drive if you use the numeric keypad portion of your keyboard. Here is the start up screen for Cash Sales.

The system shows the last transaction number - this is a daily count. The field for Barcode etc is where you enter your Barcode (PLU/ID) etc. If you have configured your barcode reader to append a Carriage Return then BPOS will look up the barcode and return the item. You can also use the BPOS MultiLookUp feature

The 8 "Function Key" labels at the bottom of the screen can be pre-programmed (on a per machine basis) for common or perhaps sale items. This programming is done in Utility/Details/<ALT-F5>.

The BPOS sales menu permits discounts at each sale item and/or the total sale. Your choice.

The "Scan Barcode" prompt naturally also accepts CombiSearch terms. Hopefully you have configured a barcode reader and have added the items barcode to your database. If so, scanning the code should then return the item as follows.

Here the scan code has returned the Item. The white option box allows you to perform several in-line operations

<F3> - Accesses the hold system where Items can be held for specific customers

<F4> - <F7> - Pre programmed Discounts set in Utility\Details\<Alt- F6>

<F8> - Roll your own discount. BPOS will prompt for the discount value

<F10> - Flag this item as a return. You will need to manually enter the price the item was sold for (including discounts) and the qty that is to be returned.

Note: these function keys only work when you are in the "Price" field. Once you move to the Qty field you cannot set a discount.

The "Line Item" can be "voided" at any time by hitting <ESC>. Note: if you have a partially completed sale and you hit <Esc> at the "Enter Barcode...." prompt BPOS will void the entire sale.

Hit <Enter> to accept the price and then modify the Qty field if required. Hit <Enter> to accept the quantity. BPOS will show the extended price with any included discounts.

Continue to scan / enter items until the sale is complete. Once you have scanned all items on the sale, Hit <Enter> at the "Scan Barcode..." prompt to move to the sale finalisation phase. this looks like this

Here you can apply a total discount if required. If no further discounting is occurring hit <Enter>. You will now enter the tendering phase

If the sale is a simple cash transaction you can hit <Enter> otherwise press the function key of the desired Tender type and BPOS will then promt for the amount tendered. Once entered, it will calculate the change (if eny) and then complete the sale.

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