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One of the stand out features of BPOS is the "CombiSearch" function. Essentially, whenever BPOS prompts to enter an ID you can search for items using, for example, the description field. This is done by prefixing the search with a special character. So, to search by description you put "/Fruit" and BPOS will show a list of all items that have a description beginning with "Fruit".

Here is the current list of prefix characters

/  (Forward Slash) = Description (or Title)

.  (Full Stop)  = Alternate Description  (a full stop)

;  (Semi Colon) = Department

'  (Apostrophe) = Supplier (Primary only)

= (Equals) = Catalog Number

Example - you are in ordering and on the phone to a supplier. The supplier quotes you their catalog number so to check if it is on BPOS, type "=
" and the start of the supplier catalog number. If the item (or items) is on file BPOS will show a select list of stock items beginning with the portion of the catalog number you typed.

If, for example, you choose "/" (Description) and put in a partial description, in the following example I have used "G", a page of all items starting with "G" will appear as follows

Note the "G" in the header bar. If you keep typing your lookup keys (for example "Gi") the system will refine the search and just show items starting with "Gi". You can also start typing a number and BPOS will show this

This allows you to select a line based on the number. Enter the line number and hit <Enter>.

You can also use the arrow keys and hit enter. It is also possible to use the <PgUp> or <PgDn> keys to scroll an entire page at a time.

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