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Add - Add a new department. Prompts for a code. If the code is on file then BPOS will warn. The Department Add dialog has just 2 fields

Name - the name of the department You must enter a Name field otherwise BPOS will delete the record during entry of a new record.

Lineal Meters - Arbitrarily the number of "meters" (or feet or anything) in the department. Can be used for comparative sales / meter over different departments

Change - Similar to everywhere else, this will allow you to modify the Description and lineal meters for a department. You can actually delete (remove) the Department name however this will impact reports - you won't have a department description.

Global - All stock items must have a department code. This option provides 2 methods of changing department codes. One is "department" and the other is "category". The department method simply swaps the department code on all items (with that code) for another. The "old" code is then deleted from the system. Note: to perform this, both the old and new department codes must be on file to begin with.

The Category method allows you to re-assign stock items to a new department based on their category. Suppose you had a Childrens book store and wanted to add all your "Harry Potter" books to an new department. If you had added a category of "HP" (or similar) then this option would allow you to create a HP department so you could track sales at that level.

Print - Department related reports. Includes

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