Getting around BPOS

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Once BPOS is running, the traditional "Hit any key" (I hope you have seen the Simpsons episode) will take you to the main menu.

The most important thing here is that hitting the <ESC> key will always exit back, progressively to the Main Menu. If you hit <ESC> at the main menu BPOS will prompt you to exit the program. Note, you can also exit BPOS at any time by hitting <Alt-C>. This will "instantly" exit BPOS. If you are part way through data entry of any type then your changes will be lost.

This is the "Main Menu" screen.  

From here you select the various menu options. This is done by either

Hitting <S> will open the Sales Menu as shown

From here hitting <C> will open the Cash Sales (POS) option etc. You are still free to use the arrows at any time.

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