BPOS is reliable and requires little maintenance other than backing up.

The database is designed so that once you delete a record of any sort, it isn't actually removed from the files. BPOS flags deleted records internally and then ignores them. Occasionally, it is good practise to "pack" the files. A pack re-writes the data files, leaving out the ones marked for deletion. Once a pack has completed then the deleted records have been physically removed from the files.

Occasionally the index files for BPOS can get corrupted. This is often shown as a "Error 33" if this occurs the follow this proceedure

  1. Get all workstations out of BPOS entirely.
  2. Delete ALL the "CDX" files from the BPOS folder on the master machine. i.e. "del *.cdx"
  3. Restart BPOS. It should then re-create the indexes automatically however you can always go into Utility/Pack/Reindex. Answer "y' to the questions.

Both Pack and ReIndex operations are normal system operations and can be used at any time with low impact.

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