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This manual should be fairly simple (I hope) to understand. Here are a couple of conventions.

<Enter> = hit the enter key. Do not hit "<" then type E N T E R and ">"

Any required keystrokes will be in arrow brackets i.e. "<". Anything in BOLD probably means "Read this carefully".

In general there are no parts of BPOS where a miss typed keystroke will destroy the system. You are encouraged to have a look around.

<ESC> = the escape key in the top left corner usually returns you to the main menu

<F1>        = the F1 function key offers some limited help

<Ins>        = the Insert key is often used to "Insert" a new record i.e. a new item record

<Del>        = the delete key is used to delete a record

<F10>        = often used to edit an existing record

<PgDn>= This is the "Page Down" key. Often, especially in the Item, Supplier and Customer data entry screens there are many fields to fill in. Often you just want to update a field or two and don't want to repeatedly hit <Enter> to exit off the screen. <PgDn> will take you to the bottom of the screen and save the changes made. Naturally, if you make some changes and decide that you don't wish to save them, the <Esc> key will exit without saving.

Navigation around the system is shown as File/Item/Add - to get there from the main menu just type FIA

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