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The purchasing section leads you through the process of ordering, receiving and maybe returning stock from/to suppliers.

The ordering process is primarily driven by the minimum stock quantity value on the stock items. The End of Day process for sales checks the minimum stock versus the on-hand quantity plus and stock already "on order" i.e. onhand < ( minimum stock - on order )  and if the minimum stock is insufficient either generate a new draft purchase order record or update an existing one.

The draft purchase orders are also added to from other sources including customer special orders.

Once you have edited the drafts then the next process is to finalise the orders. This then (optionally) prints the orders for despatch to suppliers. The final purchase orders are produced on a per supplier basis.

Incoming is the process of receiving stock. You can receive by either individual items or by purchase order. Once you have done the data entry portion of receiving, you will print the "Goods Receive Note" aka the GRN. This GRN is compulsory part of the receiving process. It provides your reconciliation of items received versus items ordered.

Once the GRN process is complete then you can "Post" the goods received into stock.

Throughout the stock receiving process, where the system prompts for a supplier code, you can use "*" to show all suppliers. This is particularily useful during draft purchase order processing.

The returns module allows your to return stock to suppliers. This might include over supplied, not ordered, faulty / broken goods.

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