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Add - Add a new supplier to the system. Prompts for a code. If the supplier code is on file BPOS will warn otherwise BPOS presents the Supplier Edit  dialog. Note: if you do not enter a "Name" value or hit <Esc> on this screen the  BPOS will not add the record. The only mandatory field is the "Supplier Name" if you need to get on with data entry, Fill in your Supplier Name and hit <PgDn> to complete initial data entry.

Fields here include



Address Fields

Used primarily on Purchase Orders

Returns Address

Normally the same as the address fields however some suppliers have been known to return items to a different address.

Phone and Fax

straight forward

Modem,T-Order, UserName and Password

Once used for the tele-ordering via dial up modem.

Email and Homepage

Suppliers email address and home page

Contact Name

Your contact in the suppliers organisation

Our Account No

Record your account number here. Value will appear on purchase orders

Standard Markup

where items don't have a RRP, this field will multiply the cost of items received to suggest an RRP

Minimum Order Value

when a supplier requires a minimum order for processing

Lead Time (Wks)

Informational field for the lead time for stock ordered.

Open Item Creditor

Denotes if the supplier uses an Open Item (Y) or Balance Brought Forward (N) payment system. Affects the Creditors Module

(R)etail- or (C)ost+

during receiving your supplier may supply on a "Retail Less" basis. Typically they would present a retail price and the cost price would be a percentage of this value. Cost+ is where the supplier prices at cost to you and you then determine the retail markup

Doc. Sort Order

When Purchase orders are sent, this field affects how they are sorted. If the purchase item is sorted in the same order as invoices received then reconcilliation is somewhat easier.

Invoices GST Inc

is each line item expressed as GST inclusive or is GST added at the end.

Currency Code

BPOS has a nascent foreign currency system. The currencies are set up it Utility/Detail/<Alt-F10>

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