Shed Outside Shed Inside Shed Plan

Shed Floor Plans


The property features a huge workshop/shed/garage. We call it "the shed" It is approximately 70 metres from the front entrance to the house. The exterior dimensions of the shed are 16m x 8m x 5m high. As the shed includes an internal mezzanine of 96sq metres, the total floor area is ~210sq metres. The mezzanine was built with the concept of turning it into a self-contained 2 bedroom (4m x 4m each) flat / bed & breakfast.

The eastern end of the shed features an undercover carport (8m x 4m). The design of the shed allows for an external access stairway from the carport if required. Occupants of the flat would be able to enter the flat without needing to enter the workshop area.

240V power is connected from the house. There are 4 double power points. There are 2 fluro lights fitted. One is directly over the 7 metre x 900mm steel frame bench.

The power trench also contains a separate 25mm conduit. A Cat5E cable is running through this and is patched to the internet close to the ADSL / Computer connections in the house.

There is a 5 tonne capacity chain hoist in the workshop. Note.... the beam it is running on is marked "2 Tonne" !!