Simple Plastic Airplane Designs

SPADS are a real cheap way to fly model aircraft. Utilising corrugated plastic board "Coro" you can fashion a basic airplane, fly it around a bit and not give a "toss" (other that tossing it into the air!) about crashing.

I've built a few designs which I present here.

Recently I've branched out into Electric Helicopters and now 3D "Foamy" aircraft

My current fleet includes the following

  • HK 450 Pro Helicopter
  • E-Flight UMX Extra 3D
  • Hirobo Shuttle - Now 13 yo and still flying
  • GWS Stik
  • E-Flite 4 Site and the 4-Site UMX (nervous little critter)

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Spending way too much time here. The HK450 Pro Rocks!